The Bridge of Music (Lefkosia)
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The Bridge of Music (Lefkosia)

L’isola disabitata (The desert island) was Haydn’s tenth opera, and had its premiere at the Esterhazy Court in December 1779. The opera is today remembered primarily for its dramatic “Sturm und Drang” overture, typical of the proto-Romantic movement which shaped the German-speaking world of literature and music between the late 1760s and the early 1780s. The Concerto for violin and piano in F major (original title “Keyboard concerto with violin and strings” is one of seven Haydn wrote for himself to play: by his own admission “no great wizard” on any instrument, nonetheless these agreeably tuneful early works clearly show the composer’s symphonic aspirations. Alkis Baltas, inspired by well-known Cypriot traditional songs such as “Tessera Pallikarka”, “Agapisa tin pou karkias” and “Tshakkara-Makkara”, he orchestrated these beautiful, genuine melodies using the rich palette of the orchestral sound colours. Ali Hoca, inspired by the melodies, rhythms and modes of Cyprus, such as the Zeybek, Syrto, Tsiftetelli and the Mandra traditional dance, he created a work that encompasses love, pain, melancholy and joy.

Pallas Theatre
Rigainis and Arsinois
Paphos Gate, Old Lefkosia
Lefkosia, Cyprus

Ticket prices:
12 Euro, 7 Euro (young people 18-26 yrs, pensioners), 5 Euro (young people 12-18 yrs), 3 Euro (children under 12)

Ticket presales:
Pallas Theatre (Regenis and Arsinoes corner, Lefkosia 1010, +357 22 410 181)

Information: +357 22 463 144,

Haydn: Overture to the opera L’isola disabitata, Hob. 28/9
Concerto for violin and piano in F major, Hob 18/6
Α. Baltas: 7 Cypriot traditional songs
Hoca: Cyprus Capriccio (Kibris Kapricyosu)

Soloists: Charis Hadjigeorgiou (violin), Esra Poyrazoğlu Alpan (piano)
Conductor: Ali Hoca

Friday, June 23, 2017, 20:30



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The Bridge of Music

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