Uniting the Mediterranean sea - Pafos2017
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Uniting the Mediterranean sea - Pafos2017

The sea caves of Pegeia and the shipwreck of the EDRO III, is the location where a theatre stage will be set up to host a production with actors from different Mediterranean countries. The partners involved have already come together in creating a work on everything that unites them and the things that (appear to) separate them. The material for the project stems from the artists’ personal experiences, and the destination is a common future they envision through artistic creation, travelling, migration and peaceful co-existence.

The director Marios Ioannou works with actors from Alexandria, Marseilles, Istanbul, Tangier, Barcelona and Pafos – amongst others – turning the sea caves into a theatre stage. The performance will be in English, whilst other languages will also be heard.
Idea, direction, performance: Marios Ioannou. Artistic direction: Achim Wieland. Producer: Afroditi Karagiorgi. Assistant producer: Sylvia Neophytou. Assistant director and filming: Stalo Nikolaou. Set and costume design: Elena Kotasvilli & Alexis Vagianos. Actors: Eslam Abdel Baset Eissa (Agypt-Alexandria) Reda Amrani (Morocco-Tanger) Raul Moreno Supervia (Spain-Barcelona) Nicolas Rochette (France-Marseille) Safak Ersozlu (Turkey-Izmir).
In 'Uniting the Mediterranean Sea,' the director, Marios Ioannou, together with a large international team, creates a breathtaking theatrical world that bridges the Mediterranean and its people. Actors from Alexandria, Barcelona, Izmir, Marseilles, Pafos, and Tangier, will find themselves tied to each other on a stage at the bay of Pegeia, and, together, will explore the meanings of the common sea and of the common homeland.

The six castaways, without a route, begin to confront a number of questions: How does each of them perceive his life and death? How do cultural circumstances, religion, individual memories and national identity influence their personal narratives? What do they dream of and what are their hopes, filtered as they are, night after night, through the sounds of the sea?
Uniting the Mediterranean Sea' is a project of Pafos 2017, European Capital of Culture. The play will be performed in English, but the languages of all countries represented will be heard.

Ticket presale at www.soldoutticketbox.com, So Easy stores and kiosks all over Cyprus, and Pafos Time Out Kiosk.

Peyia Cultural Center
Peyia, Pafos, Cyprus

Website: www.pafos2017.eu

Tuesday, August 15, 2017, 20:30
To Friday, August 18, 2017

Region : PAFOS


Category : Theatre

Uniting the Mediterranean sea

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